PP Biberon 60 ml

Specially designed pattern for babies.

Washable fabric easy clean

Easy wear with unaching Pp plastic rosette design

Unique combined with Pp rosette and quality patterned fabric

Thanks to its unique desing looking cute and attractive for wearing

Prevent the soother from falling

Emzik Askısı

Attached to the babies’ clothes easily and suits well all kind off baby's clothes

It prevents the soother loss and contamination ,

It's clip is made with safe and durable PP material and do not damage to the baby and their clothes

The chain has much lighter design and baby can carry it easily don't make any weight .

It is suitable and used all kind of soothers

BPA free

Renkli Sulu Diş Halkası

Designed to relief the teething pain of babies’ sensitive palate

Used drinking water and colored with colored food coloring

It can be cooled in the refrigerator to ease more pain for the palate

Lots of puffies on the surface massage to babies’ itchy gums.

Designed easy grip holes for baby's mini hands

Bright colors attracts baby's attention




Hanymish Rattle is produced from healthy, durable and secure materials.

With its handling part, it allows your baby to grip easily and play by becoming aware of his/her handling skill.

Ridges on the rattle massage dentures of your baby during teethe.

Beads inside the rattle create sound and helps your baby to discover exciting emotions like hearing, touching, seeing and provide aid for longer attention.

Always read instructions before use.
WARNING for the safety your child!

User Manual:
- Clean in soapy warm water and rinse thoroughly before the first use and every use.

- Clean the product according to the user manual before the first use and every use.

- Don’t boil, freeze the product or don’t put it into dishwasher.

- Check the product whether it has any signs of damage before giving it to your baby.

- Do not use worn products.

- When it is not used, keep all parts of the product out of reach of the baby.

- When it is not used, keep it inside a closed box in dry condition.

- Not suitable for cleaning in sterilizer.

Soother Storage Case

Specially designed for holding the soothers at home and outside for protecting them from contamination

Stores an extra soother safe and keep away from any dust, dirt, and bacteria.

Can be used to carry soother holder, nipple shield and other small stuff.

The portable soother case is opened - and closed easliy and soother is carried in a practical way

Used BPA free and durable PP material

Biberon Temizleme Fırçası

It performs the cleaning of the baby bottle , baby bottle teats and sippy cups in a practical way.

The sponge at the end of the brush ensures to clean oily dried milk of the bottle easily

Use with all standard and wide neck baby bottles

Durable bristles are scratch-free, yet soft

Small teat brush part it conveniently stores inside handle is gentle on small parts

Esnek Dijital Termometre

Provides a quick and highly accurate reading of individual's body temprature

Devise is rusable for clinical or home on people of all ages.

General requirements for basic safety and essential performance

Requirements for medical electrical equipment and medical electrical system used in home healtcare environment and safety standart

ISO 13485 certificated