Feeding Products
Feeding Products


Fruit Strainer

Designed to introduce baby fresh fruits and foods starting from first months.

Simply place a piece of fruit, vegetable or another foods to the silicone feeder and close the safety lock. Baby can chew, and suck all food flavour safely.

Fresh fruits to frozen treats can place Ultra soft yet bite-resistant silicone feeder with tiny holes let just enough food through to your baby selfly

Lightweight and easy for little hands to hold, makes for less mess while baby is learning eating skills

Akıtmaz Kulplu Bardak

Designed silicone non-spill spout that is easy to drink from but doesn't drip

Thanks to its hygienic cover to keep the spout clean when it is not used and with locked feature it doesn't fall to the babies’ face while drinking 

Easy grip with special non- slip handles design

It allows easy assembly all parts after cleaning

Making easy and funny transition period to baby from bottle to the glass .

Thanks to its non-spill spout feature, it can be carried in the bag.