Special For Mother
Special For Mother



By stimulating the breast glands after birth, it helps to release the first milk in the easy and comfortable way.

It is useful for the evaluation of excess milk that is not sucked by the baby, helping to mom emptying the bulging breasts enable the milk continous.

Pump is specially designed to be used on every breasts.

Pump is produced safe silicone and PP material

Göğüs Koruyucu

Helps breastfeeding mums who have an flat and inverted nipples

Adapt to the breast ideally and protect sore , cracked nipples

It's definitive shape of mum 's nipple making it easy to lacth helps to continue breastfeeding

Making a barrier that allowes to mom’s nipples some relief and time to heal when breastfeeding.

Don't change the smell or taste of the milk

Göğüs Pedi

Super absorbent breast pads are made from cellulose filling.

Ultra-absorbent surface helps you stay dry and comfortable for during the day

Soft, cottony , breathable pad prevents nipple irritation and excellent for sensitive skin and nipple

Adhesive strips to keep the pads in place.